Expect the following for your clients:

• Medication Training for clients and administration of medication
• Relapse Prevention techniques incorporated into our practice
• Self-care and learning lifeskills
• Community outings: bowling, museums, movies, restaurants etc.
• One to one sessions with RMN and OT
• Men’s and women’s groups/ Cultural groups
• Goal-setting sessions
• Managing risk

No limit on the time a client can spend with us. One year is the minimum however. You will always be informed of any changes in your client.
We promote the multi-agency approach to client management.
24 hr residential care and support
We operate a waiting list system.

Referral Process :
When you first contact us, we will ask for the following details:

• The two most recent CPAs
• Risk assessments
• A written summation of the clients illness
• ADL if one has been done
• Medication Information
• For RCH to be present at the discharge CPA

We will then arrange a formal assessment where we visit the client. We will do at least two visits prior to admission. Should they prove positive, we will invite the client to come and visit us for an afternoon and lastly an overnight visit is arranged once funding is approved.

Referrals outside our 5mile radius
Occasionally client assessments may need to take place outside of our immediate area. We are happy to attend assessments outside our area. Transportation arrangements for RCH will need to be arranged by the Care-co-ordinator or funding body.