Client info

Considerations for Client

At RCH your individuality is important. We will respect you, and be led by your personal wishes. We create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to enable you to relax, be comfortable and feel safe. In our experience this type of approach will enable you to explore yourself in new ways.

The Client process to moving in
1st - Prior to moving in, you will have meetings with 2/3 members of our team. These visits may take place in hospital or your home. The purpose is to get to know you and assess your individual needs.

2nd - If visitations go well, you will be invited for a formal visit to RCH for lunch. Following this an overnight visit is suggested before you make your final choice.

What happens when I move in?
When you move in, you will receive a Client Guide which details everything you need to know about your new home. You will be guided by staff and supported during this process. You will need to sign a contract and acknowledge some home policies,

What happens after I’m settled?
The settling in period can be anything from 1 month to 6 months. Remember, we work to your schedule. During this period you can expect the following:
A weekly session with our RMN
A monthly session with the home manager to discuss progress, concerns, ideas and wishes.
A Daily Plan of Care support so that you know how we aim to support you. This will include a cleaning rota, laundry information, what you like to eat, likes and dislikes etc.
We have an occupational therapist who works with us. She is instrumental in your rehabilitation towards independence. You can work in group sessions or individual sessions dependent on your personal needs.

What does RCH expect of me?
We ask for a mutually respective attitude, meaning we treat you with respect, so please treat us with respect.

RCH operates a no smoking, no drugs or alcohol policy.

To partake in our 2 weekly house meetings. This is where we discuss house matters, menus, things to do, what’s going on in RCH.

To be an active part of your goal-setting sessions

Why should you come to RCH?
The pictures in this brochure are a true reflection of RCH. You can see staff and clients and hopefully feel our positive and nurturing energy. We can support short and long term needs as well as your need for independence.