Care Co-ordinators

Considerations for Care-Co-ordinators and Funding Bodies

Value for Money
It is part of our mission to be aware of governmental changes and to understand the need for quantifying quality. Through the years we have accrued experience of client needs, your needs and the ever pressing financial needs.

RCH is a small provider offering an extremely competitive service for clients. We have measured our performance over the last 5 years by looking at the number of client admissions into hospital and the number of clients we have been able to move-on into semi supported accommodation.

Hospital Admissions
Approximately 1 in 10 of our clients may need a hospital admission over a 2 year period. These have been because of non-compliance to medication or because of unacceptable behaviours in our homes.

Approximately 2 in 10 clients move on every year. In 2007 we prepared two clients to move on into semi-supported accommodation. In 2006 we had one client move -on after one year and in 2005 we had two clients return to their own accommodation after a year of intense rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Tools for client advancement
Our 15 years of experience in mental health has enabled us to explore various psychological models which naturally encompass our way of working with clients. Our approach is non-confrontational and we adopt flexibility in our daily working practice. We allow our clients to be fluid, meaning not bound by set structures. Psychological research suggests that this type of approach to rehabilitation is more effective within an environment where structures are present.