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Head Office:
75 Randall Avenue,
Neasden, London,

Tel: 020 8452 0336
Fax: 020 8438 8308

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Randall Care Homes is to help our clients to reach their maximum potential. We work with a client, and support them to become the best that they can be.

RCH aims to provide a measureable, quality service for governmental and commissioning bodies, a consistency of approach with our clients and personalised programmes, based on psychological coaching models.

Our ethos is to treat each person with respect and dignity, and to offer them the care and support needed to enable them to achieve, our success with clients is attained through this fundamental principle of mutual respect.

RCH are committed to the development and training of our staffing team. We are a progressive people committed to constant and never-ending improvement.


“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

Margaret Drabble